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Parkland Florida Going Back to “never”Normal, but “Never Again”

The impact of the horrible shooting in Parkland on February 14 valentines day 2018 will change not only our city but hopefully impact the country.

We are all so proud of our parkland young adults . We are dedicating this page to the 17 victims .

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Strong Video

Parkland our wonderful city will never be the same. We are coming out of the morning period but we will always remember those amazing 17 precious souls who lost their lives. We will say “Never Again”.

To honor victims memory I wanted to share this on my real estate blog. It will never disappear. These young adults make me so proud. Being a part of Parkland community where these young adults that are really and truly making a difference in our local gun laws and in the country’s gun laws is remarkable.

memorials along the school fence

the day students returned to school

We thank these kids from the bottom of our hearts for their strength to perseverance despite the adults who are dumb in our government .

A poem by one of the victims

Her best friend died sitting next to her. Three other classmates in the same room also perished. So Eden Hebron has turned to poetry.

The 14-year-old daughter of Igal and Nicole Hebron, has written a poem about how her wholesome, all-American world dissolved into a national tragedy.

Eden, a lifelong Parkland resident, has been taking voice lessons since the age of 4, but now can’t even bear the sound of music.

“I can’t eat … I can’t talk to my friends. My life is a mess right now,” she said.

She started writing poetry a month ago. And writing this has eased the pain a little, she said.

“It helps organize what happened in my mind,” she said.

“We walked into class together and sat down.

It was Valentine’s Day in our sweet Parkland town.

We were laughing and doing our work, me and my best friend.

But little did I know that 5 minutes later, her life would come to an end.

I hear a sound. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Gunshots? That’s funny Alyssa, of course, we will survive.

We live in Parkland I thought, how could this be?

But sometimes your thoughts are not what you see.”

We run under the table in disbelief.

I have my friends next to me, what a relief.

They move to the desk to seek safer shelter.

But I stayed there, thinking the sound was just bad weather.

I close my eyes and wait for my teacher to say it’s a drill.

But before I knew it, our door was shot through and I saw his first kill.

Elaina, Alex, Justin, then Alyssa.

I’m next and this is not just paranoia.

He went to the next floor and the next.

All I could think about is, how many will be left?

The screams blasting in my ear.

The blood still won’t disappear.

I scream their names, call for my friends.

Nothing else to do, they are gone, they are dead.

Didn’t think I would live my worst nightmare.

I kept hearing shots and seeing gunpowder in the air.”“I run home and check the news.

How could you do this Nick Crus?

More and more I find out died.

I wish this didn’t happen, and he never got inside.

No feelings, no emotions

How can you comprehend this traumatic distortion?

There are no words to describe, nothing else to say

That will justify my English class on Valentine’s Day