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8 Tips for Safe Home Selling During the Pandemic

8 Tips for Safe Home Selling During the Pandemic – Parkland, Coral Springs and Boca Raton

Showing your home during the pandemic, especially as more things begin to open back up again can be a little intimidating or scary especially if you have health concerns that would make you more susceptible to harsh symptoms of the virus. There are some ways to sell your home right now that will help to keep you safer.  

Here are some tips to help alleviate the risks of selling your home right now.  

  • If private showings are allowed in your area consider placing a sign at the front door welcoming buyers and agents while also asking them to remove their shoes. As an alternative you can request they wear shoe covers you provide in a basket near the door next to a trash can for them to throw them out as they exit the home. A hand sanitizer near the door is also a great idea. 
  • If you are still uncomfortable having in-person showings, virtual showings are still a great option and opportunity to show your home. Make sure to clearly communicate this with your agent and request that it is communicated in contact info for other agents that all in-person showings are off the table. Or you could also limit showings to buyers that have already virtually toured the property and are considering making a serious offer. This will greatly reduce the amount of in-person showings in your home.  
  • Go through the home just before a showing and open up doors including closets, open window coverings, turn on every single light switch, etc. This will make it so buyers and their agents have fewer surfaces to touch while they check out the home. 
  • Try to quickly wipe down surfaces before buyers come over and communicate that everything is freshly wiped down to give you and the potential buyers peace of mind. As soon as buyers leave come back through and give everything a more thorough wipe down so you can comfortably go about the rest of your day.  

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Put Technology Tools to Your Advantage 

As mentioned above technology can and is being used in real estate right now to help proved safety measures while selling homes during the pandemic. Virtual marketing techniques help get homes noticed by buyers without bringing strangers into your home. Here are some ways to use technology to your advantage during COVID-19: 

  • Seek out a real estate agent who is experienced and clearly communicates that they are offering online selling tools during the pandemic. Many realtors are offering online open houses, virtual walkthroughs, and electronic document signings.  
  • Ask your realtor to photograph and get video footage of your home to post with the online listing. Most buyers begin their search online and if there is a clear and great video tour with the listing this will help weed out serious offers from people that are not sure they even like your home.  
  • Encourage buyers agents to come on their own and show the home from their perspective over a live feed video. Most realtors conduct themselves in highly professional manners and will be more likely to be respectful of your property and make sure to take extra safety measures when walking through the home. This limits the number of people in your home and the risk of bringing outside germs into it.  
  • If you are uncomfortable having contact with anyone other than your agent and still would like to limit all contact with people outside your home consider offering to host a live zoom call tour where all parties including agents can be present from the comfort of their own homes or offices.  

As some things are beginning to open back up there are still many of us that want to remain cautious about the spread of illness and rightfully so. If you are wanting to sell your home right now with precaution I can help!  

I am experienced in selling homes in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and Parkland. I know these communities very well and can help you get your home sold safely during this time. I am adamant about safe home selling right now. Please contact me at any time for the best in real estate services.  

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