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Recently Florida has become one of the states with the largest numbers of new reported COVID-19 cases. Though the numbers are rising for various different reasons, the real estate market is not slowing down in activity in recent weeks in Southern Florida after a short dip in sales when the first wave of the pandemic hit.

What South Florida Realtors are doingSouth Florida Realtors are Still Taking Safety Measures as Business Grows

With a recent surge in case numbers, many real estate agents around southern Florida are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their clients, coworkers, employees, and themselves. This way homes can still be bought and sold throughout south Florida with better peace of mind that every precaution and bit of customer service was used while continuing to do business.

One of the biggest ways many agencies across South Florida have implemented safety measures is with more use of virtual and online tools. A large number of South Florida Realtors have continued to show homes using virtual tours, showings, and open houses. Some online home listings are now offering the opportunity to take a 360 degree 3D virtual tour of a home while talking live with an agent online about the home.

For in-person and onsite home showings, South Florida Realtors are taking separate vehicles than their clients to get to homes as well as distancing at 6 feet apart from any other person in the home, providing extra safety equipment if needed, wearing masks, using plenty of hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, and being the person to minimally touch surfaces such as doorknobs while inside the home.

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Of course, it is up to each individual real estate office and firm what measures they take to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs beyond the mandated requirements of state and local laws in the areas that they work in and operate out of. Some companies have instituted that any procedure that requires clients to be seen in person is by appointment only and that everyone stays properly distanced.

Others have made sure to take frequent health monitoring checks of any employee that comes into the office and asking them to sign in and sign out should there be a positive case to make sure they quarantine and anyone they may have been around is ready to quarantine as well. While some offices have implemented a policy that only managing employees and department heads work in the office while agents remain working remotely from home.

How can you be sure your south Florida real estate agent is working hard to do everything they can to keep you and everyone they work with safe? The best method is to call and ask them what safety measures they are currently using as they continue to help you buy or sell a home.

Please contact me at any time to ask about our current safety measures and online/virtual tools and offerings. I would love to let you know about how we are safely navigating real estate at this time.

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