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Is Your House on Someone’s Christmas List? You might be surprised!  During the holiday season, many homeowners decide to put the sale of their home on the back burner until a little bit later. Some sellers even remove their home from the market if it has not sold to resume the effort in the spring.

Listing your home for sale right now or keeping it on the market, just may be the best decision you can make in selling your home. This year, there are a large number of buyers looking to purchase a home for Christmas, and your home could be just what they are looking for. I work with buyers and sellers so I may have a buyer ready for your home right now.

6 Great Reasons Not to Wait to Sell Your Home Right NowIs Your Parkland House on Someone's Christmas List?

Buyers are looking right now. Mortgage rates are still at record low prices and a large number of buyers are wanting to take advantage of that while they still can.

Buyers looking to buy during the winter are generally more serious about buying. It is less likely to get a large number of looky-loos considering to buy or that back out of a deal.

Today’s market is much more understanding of not wanting people in your home all of the time. You can alleviate a lot of the stress of in-person showings with virtual ones and limit those showings to people who are about to make an offer.

Winter has not cooled the sellers’ market. Traditionally in any type of market the sales slowdown in the winter. This year they are still going strong. Sellers are at a great advantage right now. Some homes are selling at a record pace and some are selling above list price as a result of bidding wars.

The future can be forecasted but never guaranteed. Right now is a great time to sell moving into the spring more homes will go up for sale and decrease the amount of buyer competition and demand for homes. More new construction homes also traditionally become available in the spring also cooling the buyer demand a bit. To take full advantage of the sellers’ market right now is the time to sell.

More than ever the holiday season is a great time to sell a home. It has been quite some time since a competitive sellers’ market carried through the winter months. If you were planning to sell your home it is a great time to do it sooner rather than later.

For help selling a Home in Parkland, Coral Springs, and Boca Raton real estate please contact me right away. I am an experienced local agent who can help to sell your home successfully. I help folks all over the Parkland Florida area and would love to help you prepare, price and sell your home fast and successfully. If you’re ready to list or if you’re considering listing your home in the new year, start now by knowing how much  your home is currently worth and what you can do to make it more attractive to buyers for the highest profit.

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