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Spring is traditionally the peak time to put your Parkland home up for sale. If you are getting your home ready for to list for sale this spring here are some good things to do to help prepare for a smooth and successful sale.

Outside Your HomePreparing Your Parkland Home for a Winning Sale This Spring

Curb appeal is very important in a Parkland home sale. The outside of your house is what welcomes buyers when they come to see the home for an in-person showing. Make a great first impression with a tidy and well-kept exterior.

Landscaping: Make sure the lawn is mowed, all the dead stuff hanging around for winter is cleaned up, and trees and shrubs are nicely trimmed. Consider adding a few flowers in beds for a nice spring pop of color. Related: IS landscape staging a thing?

Spruce Up the Entry: Sweep the front porch, give the front door a cleaning, freshen up the paint on the door if needed, make sure the welcome mat looks fresh, and consider placing some colorful planters in a complimentary color to the home’s exterior around the door.

Make Sure Exterior Lights Work: make sure all outdoor lights are working with fresh bulbs and are clean of bugs and cobwebs.

Wash the Windows: clean all of the windows inside and out, this mostly affects the look from the inside, but it is very important to clean the exterior of the windows.

Power Wash: give all walkways and the driveway a thorough deep clean to communicate the home is well-cared for and in great shape

Street Numbers: Make sure the address numbers on your home are visible and fresh-looking.

Inside the Home

Help buyers to see how great it is to live in your home with some cleaning, freshening, and staging.

Open the Curtains: make sure that all window coverings are fully open to let as much natural light in as possible. Natural light is the best free home selling helper. It makes spaces feel fresh, new, cheery, and spacious.

Declutter: Now is the time to start packing items that are not used on a daily basis to help remove clutter that can make a home feel too lived in, too cramped, messy, or tired to buyers that do not live there.

Clean, Clean, Clean: Now that only the essentials are left, give the entire home a thorough cleaning from ceiling to floor. Make sure everything is deeply cleaned. Professional cleaning can go a long way to help a home feel fresh and well kept.

Give Each Room a Main Purpose: to showcase that your home will be a great place to live, help set the scene with staging. The best way to stage a home is to give each room a main purpose or function by placing items in that space to showcase that use. Right now many buyers are looking for home office space, workout space, and space to enjoy a comfortable time at home. The more buyers can see the usefulness of a space the easier they can envision themselves loving to live there.

Homes are selling quickly right now, the homes that sell the most successfully are the ones that look like they are move-in ready and well-kept. For more information on selling your home in Parkland, your Coral Springs property, or real estate in Boca Raton please contact me any time.

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